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Body Massage Therapy: A Perfect Way to Relax with a Full Body

Body Massage Therapy: A Perfect Way to Relax with a Full Body


I am a male therapist who provides therapeutic and recreational massage services for adults using strong hand techniques.

✅ As a mobile therapist, the location of the service is not a concern for me.

You can contact me by phone, text, WhatsApp, or email to schedule a massage appointment. I have all the necessary equipment, including a massage table.

My premium services are: - Gym Injury - Muscular Pain Relief - Lower Back Pain Relief - Foot Reflexology - Fully body Therapeutic Massage with foot Reflexology. - Swedish Massage - Thai Massage - Sports Massage

You can reach me at 6 4 7 4 2 4 4 1 9 0 (phone, text, WhatsApp) or via email at [email protected] with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Knock me soon to book my service !
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